Find out all of the amazing uses for borax

Borax might just become your new best friend. There are so many different uses for it that will help you with your daily chores.

I have gathered some of the most clever uses out there – check them out. I guarantee that your life will become much easier with these hacks.

– Take care of pests

Are you suspecting that bugs, ants, roaches or any other types of pests are invading your home? Simply sprinkle borax and sugar (equal parts) on the area that you are suspecting.

– Get rid of annoying weeds

If, for example, there are weeds coming up through the cracks in your walkways you can sprinkle them with borax which will kill them.

– Clean your fridge

Make a mixture with warm water and a little bit of borax with which you can clean your fridge. It will leave it spotless as well as it will remove any bad odors.

– Clean your bathroom

Grab a damp sponge, sprinkle borax on it, and use that to clean any surface in your bathroom.

– Clean toilets

Using white vinegar mixed with borax will clean your toilet immediately. If you aren’t a fan of how vinegar smells you can always add essential oils to the mix. Now not only will your toilet be clean but it will smell great.

– Remove odors from upholstery

The first thing you want to do is dampen the surface of your upholstery – mattress, chairs, sofa, etc. Then sprinkle borax and rub it with a damp cloth. Then leave the upholstery to completely air dry and vacuum the surface so that you can remove all of the leftover borax.