Exactly How Often Should You Wash Your Bath Mat?

A lot of people have bath mats in their bathrooms – I do as well! I love the fact that I can step on this fluffy rug after having a shower and I don’t have to step on the cold floor but it had me thinking – how often should I wash it?

After all, after you take a shower you should step on a clean surface – and neglecting your bath mat means that you are stepping in a pile of dirt and germs…

So How Often Should You Wash Your Bath Mat?

You don’t need to prepare a special DIY cleaner nor do you need to buy a fancy commercial product in order to clean the bath rug. Thankfully, all you need to do is throw it in the washing machine!

To be honest with you I wash mine every week – twice a week to be exact. I always make sure to maintain my home clean because just the thought of dirt, dust, germs, or any type of impurities freak me out.

As I previously stated, I want to be able to step on a clean surface right after I take a shower which is why I wash it so often.

Usually, it is recommended to wash your bath mat once a week and replace it once every six months.

Of course, if you tend to neglect this cleaning chore and you can’t even remember the last time you washed your bath mat – you need to replace it more often, maybe once every three months or so.