Different methods to clean your iron

You have probably been using the same iron for a long time yet you have never cleaned it. Most likely, you haven’t even thought about cleaning it. But as time passes, it will start leaving marks on the things you iron. If you want to avoid this outcome, you need to take care of this appliance. I have gathered some of the easiest and most efficient methods for doing so.

The first method

Grab some baking soda, unplug your iron (the plate should be cold) and get started. You will need a water tank that’s filled with two teaspoons of baking soda and water. The mixture should create a paste.

Apply this paste onto the plate and leave it for a few minutes. If there are dirty spots on the iron you can rub the area with a microfibre cloth.

The second method

You can swap the baking soda from the previous method with half a cup of vinegar. Since the outcome won’t be a paste, you should grab a microfibre cloth, dip it in the solution, and wipe the plate.

The third method

You should use this method if the stains on the plate are stubborn and hard to remove. Mix half a cup of hot water, three teaspoons of salt, and half a cup of vinegar. When the mixture is cooled down, you can grab a cloth, dip it in the solution and start wiping the plate of the iron.

The fourth method

This method might sound strange, kind of weird but believe me when I say – it works. You need toothpaste – the white one. Don’t use one that is with blue and red stripes. Now rub it on the plate – you can use your finger or a toothbrush if there are stains on the surface. Leave it for a bit and remove with a clean cloth. You can repeat until the plate is spotless.