7 cleaning tips that will make your life easier

There are some cleaning hacks that are classics and work amazing. Sometimes you don’t need fancy expensive detergents that are packed with chemicals – all you need is the following items that you already probably have in your home and you are good to go.

– Baking soda for dealing with bad odors

Baking soda is one of the best tricks for cleaning. They get rid of bad odors, can clean stains, and much more.

Sprinkle some on your carpet or upholstery and let it sit overnight. Then grab your vacuum cleaner and remove it.

This will leave the surface fresh and will absorb any nasty smells.

– Homemade window cleaner

You do not need to buy a window cleaner because you can make your own very easily. All you need is vinegar and cornstarch.

– Microfiber cloths

Clean almost any surface in your home with a microfiber cloth. All you need when you clean with it is water. It removes a lot of the bacteria and dust.

– Toothpaste for coffee stains

You can use toothpaste to clean coffee stains on tables or counters.

– Lemon for polishing metal

You can polish your metal kitchen tools using lemon. Just squeeze some lemon juice on a sponge and start polishing.

– Lemon for a clean microwave

An amazing way to clean your microwave and have it smelling fresh is by using lemon. Squeeze some in a bowl and add water. Then put it in the microwave and turn it on for a couple of minutes. Don’t open the microwave right away – leave the bowl in there for a while so that the steam can really clean everything. Then remove it and wipe the inside with a clean cloth.

– Baby wipes to remove pet hair

If your pet is leaving a lot of hair everywhere there’s no need to stress. Get a baby wipe and clean them. It will remove everything. You can even wipe your pets’ fur with a baby wipe which will grab all of the loose fur.