How to clean your curtains

Curtains are a fancy decoration to any room that gives style and helps you make a statement. Sometimes, you can change the entire setting or atmosphere of your house by simply changing the curtains. But in order for this decorative piece of furniture to do its proper job, you should take good care of them. Make sure that you know the type of curtains you have and learn a few tricks how to clean them.

Main types of curtains

There are many different types of curtains and even more modes or fashions how to hang them. Below you can find just a few main types that can give you a rough idea of the variety you can find if you go shopping:

  • Garment fabric curtains
  • Lace curtains, also known as sheer fabric curtains
  • Velvet curtains
  • Curtains made of shells or acrylic beads

Of course, there are some other varieties but these are the more often ones. You should also know that the term curtains mostly refers to window covers made of lighter fabric that are often see through, while those made of heavy weight fabric are called draperies.

Smart tips to keep your curtains clean

If we accept that the windows are the eyes of the house, then the curtains will be the eyelids or the lashes, if you prefer. Either ways you should take good care of them. Here are some tips that are easy to follow:

  1. Take weekly care of them – shake the curtains very well so that you can get rid of the dust that has settled on them. Then wait several minutes and proceed with cleaning the entire room;
  2. Monthly maintenance – in order to refresh the window covering you can use the dust brush attachment of your vacuum to clean the curtains from the dust. Start from the top and proceed to the bottom. Be careful and don’t use the maximum power of your machine to avoid accidental taking the curtains down;
  3. At least once or twice year you need to take additional care of the window shades. Depending on the type of fabric your curtains are made of you can either hand-wash them, wash them in a washing machine or clean them using a steam cleaner. Do not wash by hand very heavy materials as it would be very hard for them to dry and whenever you choose the washing machine as a preferred option, always use a delicate option, if you have, or choose a cycle with cold water. Steam cleaning is a good solution for all types of curtains, just make sure not to make them too wet. Never put curtains in a dryer, simply hang them, outside if possible, and let them dry naturally;
  4. Dry clean curtains – some materials are very sensitive or marked to be dry cleaned only. To be on the safe side always give your curtains to trusted professionals who will take good care of them.

Follow these easy cleaning and maintenance steps and you will enjoy your curtains for a longer time.


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